I picked Buddy up from the hospital the night before he left, and he greeted me warmly as usual.
On the way back, he sat obediently in the passenger seat and looked at me as if nothing had happened.
The doctor said it was a heart disease that took away Buddy, who had been with me for 5 years.
Unexpectedly, the meal we gave him in the morning would become our last contact. Unexpectedly, our quick farewell in the morning would be our farewell forever.
During these five years, I watched him grow up little by little.
He has also witnessed my transition from student to society, from marriage to parenthood.
We have agreed on many things with each other but have not yet completed them. I wish he had just fallen asleep.
I customized his photo into a leather hand-engraved keychain, hoping to still have his company in the days to come.

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