He is My Chosen Family: The Story of Me and My Dog

He is My Chosen Family: The Story of Me and My Dog

He is My Chosen Family: The Story of Me and My Dog

March 13th was the day before my puppy’s second birthday, but instead of celebrating, he was admitted to the hospital for surgery. From the critical 48 hours post-operation to the week-long stay for observation, we were on edge, anxiously anticipating each moment. Although he survived the critical period, there was still the lingering fear that he might need another surgery if his recovery didn't go well. Fortunately, my brave little guy worked hard and was discharged from the hospital two days early.

This experience of almost losing a loved one reminded me once again of the impermanence of life. During those days, I couldn't bear to look at his photos, yet my mind was filled with memories of our time together. Even our simple morning and evening walks became moments I cherished even more.

I wanted to share some of the memories we've created together.

An Afternoon Treasure Hunt in the Meudon Forest

We spent an afternoon treasure hunting in the Meudon forest on the outskirts of Paris. The sun shone softly through the tree crowns, creating a dappled pattern of light and shadow. When the wind rustled the leaves, they danced like an autumn dream glowing with golden light.

We walked along the main road, stepping on the soft dead leaves and picking up the fruits hidden among them. My pup found a nearly dried-up waterway not far away, and when he returned, he looked like a little clay figure. This adventure happened just three days after he had taken a bath.

Four Leisurely Days in Lausanne, Switzerland

We spent four leisurely days in Lausanne, Switzerland. On the first day, we dug in the sand and basked in the sun together. The next day, while I was reading a book at Plage de Vidy, my restless little guy ran to the lake to watch the swans. For a moment, I didn’t know who I was more worried about.

On the third day, we walked along the lake to the Olympic Park. At noon, we took the ferry to Evian on the other side of the lake for lunch and to drink the spring water. On the fourth day, we took a casual walk around the town. There were very few people on the return train. He sat across the aisle from us, and when he raised his head to look out the window, he looked like a young man lost in his own world.

Renovating an Old House Together

While renovating an old house, he lay quietly, like a fluffy cloud. No matter where I was or what I was doing, when I looked back at him, he always had his eyes on me. I knew he was embracing me with his gaze.

Now, the little guy has been back for a week. He is recovering well and starting to be naughty again.

But I am acutely aware that one day this furry little cutie will leave me. Of course, I hope we can be together for a long time, but I don't want him to endure any pain for my sake, nor do I want to force him to live because of my reluctance.

He has restrained much of his nature to accommodate me in his life. For the rest of our time together, I just hope my little guy can play and eat happily. If we do reach that moment of separation, he doesn’t need to understand its meaning; he just needs to remember our names and sleep soundly.

Because I firmly believe, We will always meet again.

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