My Encounter with Jindou

My Encounter with Jindou



🥏 Even if everyone despises you, I still firmly choose you. I wanted to have a cat, but when my neighbor tied you to the door, I often couldn't help but feed you and play with you. When you were six months old, you were very naughty; you could tear apart houses, and you liked to bite me. The neighbors wanted me to adopt you, and I hesitated for various reasons. Until you were bullied by another big dog, broke free of the rope, and ran to me. Even if I sent you back, you still ran back secretly, and the original owner did not listen. So I decided to adopt this little guy. My significant other does not like you very much and sometimes secretly sends you back. You, this grudge-holding little guy, still don't like him. But don't worry, not everyone may like you, but I will always firmly choose you.

🧸 The love of a dog is always sincere and warm. Usually, you are very good, and even if the door is open, you will not run out. I often take you to the subway station to pick up my significant other from work. Once, when I went to work, you secretly ran out of the door and obediently squatted in the subway gate waiting for me. You seem to know that I will appear from that place. Listen to the original owner said, you have been changed many times, and I am very distressed. No wonder you always try so hard to please me. When I was crowned last year, you were by my side all day and all night. When I opened my eyes, I saw you sitting quietly beside me with a worried look in your eyes. Sometimes the previous owner asks me to return you, and you don't want to go.

🐶 Reasons for Getting a Dog If I had to say anything to a wannabe pet owner, I'd have three reasons to dissuade you. First, keeping a pet really requires patience. I feel that a lot of people act on a whim and then find that the dog is very naughty and not so obedient, leading to abandonment, which is very irresponsible to the dog. Second and third, you need to have time and money 💰. This is the most basic and crucial point; otherwise, abandoning cats and dogs when they become a burden is unfair to them. In a word, getting a pet requires careful consideration.

🦋 At the beginning, people hated the dog, but now even picked up the advertisement. More and more people like you; they see your goodness, but only when I know about all your various naughty antics, I still love you.

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