My Story with Kitty Coke: The Complex Relationship Between People and Their Pets

My Story with Kitty Coke: The Complex Relationship Between People and Their Pets



My story with Kitty Coke - the relationship between people and their pets - is much more complicated than that. Because, whether confused or indifferent, if a little animal nature is preserved, the story between man and animal can be more than just that between owner and pet.

As a veteran poop scooper, I'm extremely interested in anyone talking to me about pets. However, when talking to people who don't have pets, we often hear these words:

"You're too poor to have a cat? Just take care of yourself."

"How do you put a cat to bed? How dirty it is! That's an animal!"

"Sterilize? You cut off a man's balls? That's cruel!"

"Pregnant and have a pet? Throw it away!" (I experienced what happened to my own sister)

I used to try to explain these questions at first, but now I just laugh.

Sincerely remind everyone, if you have a friend with a pet, please do not say these words to him, hurt feelings.

If you know the story of every owner and pet, let's just say my family is happy.

Because TikTok pays attention to some pet TikTokers, watching cute cats and dogs every day, making myself want to keep them. I went to the adoption organization, and they told me that they don't adopt to people who are single and don't have a house. Okay. It's.... I'll take it.

So I posted a message about wanting to buy a pet, and a friend who owns a cattery responded. The other person sent me a few photos, one of which was of Coke.

At a glance, I fell in love with this cool and wronged little guy.

All creatures are predestined, I guess.

1. You Just Arrived at Home

I still remember the day I went to pick him up. He had been meowing in the taxi, and I saw the driver becoming impatient. I quickly extended a finger to the gap in the cat box and said to him, "Tell the driver to drop us off!" Then he wrapped my finger with his two small claws, occasionally licking it. It was especially magical; he didn't make a sound during the half-hour drive, as quiet as if he were asleep.

In the days that followed, I began to learn to care for another living being, like bringing fresh cat poop to work at first.

Every day after work, I knew there was a warm, fluffy little guy waiting for me with big eyes.

When I was in a bad mood, there was a small thing that would comfort me. When I was sick, no matter how aloof the Coke would lie beside me to "take care" of me.

Slowly, we developed the same preferences.

I'd play video games at home, and Coke would jump on my desk and stay with me while I worked.

When the weather was good, we'd lie in the sun together, and he'd massage me with his paws, and I'd comb his hair.

He liked to watch movies with me, and he didn't like stupid dramas any more than I did.

Of course, the life of a pet is not all beautiful, even in the middle of the night to scratch the poop bowl, cat litter clatter, or jumping up and down, not stepping on my chest! Just my face. One night, after three o'clock in the morning, I turned on all the lights in the house to carry out home education in front of Coke! !

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